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Visiting Aid Culture and Team

Our Culture

Our environment is one of challenge and reward, collaboration and individualism, partnering and sharing. Ours is an upbeat culture, driven by the energy of people who enjoy what they do.

Our Values

We live and work by high standards of integrity, accountability, quality output, and incredible user experience. We value teamwork, our people, and an openness of ideas and expression.

Our Benefits

We’re proud to provide for flex-scheduling, competitive pay, and a dynamic workspace environment. Professional development is important to us, and we promote various learning initiatives. Visiting Aid is an equal opportunity employer.

We share a deep passion for our work, our users, and the vulnerable individuals at home cared for via our platform. We're a team of talented and driven people. We nurture ideas and support them in a safe and stimulating environment.  We very much value work-home life balance, promote open dialogue, and appreciate humor and good candor (well, mostly).
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