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Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair


Empowering Health Teams To Do More with Less - Increasing Productivity in the Office While Improving Health Outcomes in the Home

Better Informed Teams    

• Critical updates capturing potential health-risk in the home

Our Streamlined Platform Boosts Agency Performance:

Visit, Caregiver, and Client Compliance Ensured    

• Behind the scenes through smart setup and passive automation 

Dependable Billing, AR, and Payroll Tools    

• Resulting in more timely and complete payment

Right Activity Captured, In Real-Time    

• Field-staff act as sensors in the home utilizing our EVV apps that are CURES compliant and VBP oriented

Continuous New Features and Updates    

• Keeping caregivers happy and reducing turnover

Nurse Assessment    

• Nurses can complete assessments using their computers, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones!

Robust EVV App    

• Simple to use, yet going beyond compliance

Industry Leading Cloud Software    

• 24/7 NOC
24/7 SOC

Bringing everything together, seamlessly, enabling you to run a more efficient operation.  The Visiting Aid platform is designed to be simple and straightforward, regardless of role or tech-savviness.

Simpler Workflows = Superior Outcomes


Quick HR

Applicants to Clients

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Simple Scheduling

Clean Visit Capture

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Robust Billing & A/R

Accurate Payroll




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The Right Kind Of Support

We know how to listen, and when to respond.  While we can’t solve every issue in record time, our customers know that we are on it, and coming up with lasting solutions while providing frequent updates along the way.

Engaging Education & Outreach

We believe in community, and that the sum is often greater than the parts.  While we are proactive in sharing new product developments, roadmaps, insights into regulatory changes, and the like, we know that all too often the best source of information is our customers. Accordingly, we enjoy hosting interactive focus groups, workshops, user-group conferences, webinars, and other helpful customer community forums.

The Data And Analysis You Need Most

Our dashboard and reports provide easy access and smart insights into risk areas, performance, and other key trends - resulting in more informed decisions to manage the health of your business and that of your clients.

Quick Setup, Proven Training

Implementation typically takes weeks, not months. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, at the right pace and with the right attitude. We enjoy training - and for larger agencies offer a “train-the-trainer” model. We fully appreciate how a successful launch makes all the difference.

Ready For SIMPLE?

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